Social Initiative

One Indian One People Clubs

An important initiative of the One India One People (OIOP) Foundation is to teach our youth good citizenship through One India One People Clubs in schools and colleges so that they grow into responsible global citizens. The OIOP Clubs spread the message of unity, instill in the youth a sense of pride for India, inculcate good values, sensitise them to social issues concerning our country and conduct various meaningful workshops on Emotional transformation, Intellectual transformation, Rainwater harvesting, Administering first-aid, Basics of disaster management, Awareness about RTI (Right to Information), Peace talks and Gender sensitisation totally free of cost. These workshops are conducted by OIOP resource persons who are experts in their field and have been well received by students.

The Foundation which has 110 OIOP Clubs till date has touched over 1,00,000 students thus far with this initiative. In order to encourage students to contribute to social causes, the Foundation has instituted the annual OIOP Responsible Student-Citizen Award which is given to two students of the member school/college, who have done exemplary community work which other students can emulate. We strongly believe that it is only by grooming our youth that we can fulfill our vision of transforming India into a developed country that can fulfill the aspiration of its one billion plus people.

Felicitating Outstanding Indians

Recoginising the contribution of Indians to nation building forms an important part of One India One People activities for which the Foundation instituted the ‘One India One People Outstanding Indian Award’ in 2006. The award is given to outstanding Indians for their quiet but far reaching contribution to India. The recipients of this Award thus far have been Dr. Vijay Saraswat (distinguished scientist), Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak (Founder-Sulabh Shauchalaya), Mr. Ratan Thiyam (well-known playwright and theatre personality), Kavalam Narayana Panikkar (who revived Indian theatre), Rangasamy Elango (working for rural poverty alleviation) and Dr. Arvind Gupta (for popularising science among children with the help of educational toys).

OIOP Resource Persons for Social Initiatives

  1. Disaster Management: Mr . A. Gopalkrishan
  2. First Aid: Dr. Annapurna Agarwal
  3. Value Education (PCGT): Ms. Shruti Pawar
  4. Emotional Transformation (Chinmaya Mission Group): Ms. Pooja Jain
  5. Intellectual Transformation (Chinmaya Mission Group): Ms. Pooja Jain
  6. RTI workshop (PCGT): Ms. Shruti Pawar
  7. Rain Water Harvesting: Dr. Annapurna Agarwal
  8. Peace Talk : Mr. Tushar Gandhi