You can now contribute to the One India One People initiative! There are several ways in which you as an individual or organisation can partner with us:

  1. Give a Donation (exempted under 80-G)
    One India One People Foundation works with students and youth through the One India One People Clubs in school and colleges (see our section on Social Initiative). The donation amount will be utilised to organise meaningful activities like rain water harvesting, waste management, administering first aid, fire-fighting, peace talk, vermiculture, civil defence, building health awareness and so on.
  2. Contribute to the magazine and website content
    Do you have anything interesting to say or a take on the current happenings in India? It could be anything from politics, education, pollution, politicians, food, slums, spouse, feminism, anything! Write in to us! We welcome your comments, views, articles. Your jottings could be published in our print magazine and website!