About Us

Our Vision

The vision of the One India One People Foundation is to encourage citizens to collectively work towards building a corruption-free and effectively governed India, where the basic rights of an individual are guaranteed and protected.

The One India One People Foundation

One India One People Foundation (OIOP) is a not-for-profit organisation, set up by the late Mr. Sadanand A. Shetty, an industrialist, in August 1997, coinciding with India’s 50th year of Independence. The purpose of the Foundation is to build awareness about various issues concerning India, in order to bring about a systemic change. With this in mind, he launched the One India One People magazine and the One India One People Clubs.

One India One People magazine

One India One People is a unique, informative, well-researched, thought-provoking and thematic monthly magazine about issues which are peculiar to India and concerns Indians. It documents and highlights the cultural legacy, developmental challenges, contribution of Indians, and the lesser known geographical facts about this vast country. India has made tremendous progress in some areas of development, while it is still grappling with very basic issues of poverty, corruption and access to basic infrastructure for its citizens. The magazine has been covering diverse and socially relevant themes such as Health, Poverty, Literacy, Casteism, Corruption, Law & Judiciary, Police Reforms, Consumer Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility, Disaster Management, Terrorism, Infrastructure, Spirituality, Media, Civil Society, Human Rights, Youth, etc., to name a few.

Eminent journalists, researchers and academicians share magazine space with general interest writers, making it truly a magazine by and for everyone. The magazine also ensures that the human element is emphasised in the articles that are commissioned, as India is also largely about its exceptional, talented people and their myriad experiences.

The USP of the magazine are its two popular sections Know India Better and Great Indians. Through these sections, OIOP has been trying to propagate a larger cause, which is to preserve Indian values, traditions and culture. Know India Better takes readers on a discovery of India. It covers Indian places of interests, people, cultures, etc., in-depth to showcase the hidden treasures of our country. Great Indians is a section that profiles the lives of unknown heroes who have made significant contribution to society and left their indelible mark on Indian soil. The Foundation has also published an attractive coffee-table book ‘Know India Better’ and another one-of-its-kind book profiling 300 ‘Great Indians’ that are proud possessions of many school and college libraries.

One India One People Clubs – Our Social Initiative

The OIOP Foundation has opened clubs in several schools and colleges in order to sensitise the youth towards the underprivileged, the environment, senior citizens, our culture, and also impart useful skills they can use. This is an ongoing activity and an important initiative of the foundation. You can read more about it in our ‘Social Initiative’ section.

Our Founder

Sadananad Shetty
The late Mr. Sadanand A. Shetty, an industrialist, belonged to that rare breed of inspiring people who walked the talk. His concern to sensitise his compatriots into transcending regional, linguistic, political and other divides and develop pan-Indian nationalism as the supreme identity was a great mission which he espoused. He hoped that all citizens while pursuing their individual goal, would wholly contribute to building and maintaining the cultural fabric of India.