Changing Perceptions


Chang had lost his axe and he suspected that his neighbour’s son, Wu, had stolen it. As he stood watching the boy from his window, he noticed that he had a scar on his forehead. “He certainly looks like a thief,” thought Chang.

Then he heard him talking to his brother and he thought: “He speaks like a thief too!” When the boy began to walk, it seemed to Chang that the boy walked exactly like a thief he had once seen being led to prison. Just then his wife came rushing in with the axe. “It had fallen in the haystack,” she explained. Chang’s face lit up with joy when he saw the axe. “What were you looking at?” asked his wife, joining him at the window. “I was watching our neighbour’s son,” said Chang. “One can easily tell by his looks and by the way he talks and walks that he is a thorough gentleman.”