Free to trade?

India is part of many international trade agreements, and continues to negotiate with other agencies and countries. Shalini Bhutani gives…


The day the music died

With the shutting down of the iconic music store Rhythm House, South Mumbai has lost a glittering jewel of its…


The Kala Ghoda razzmatazz

The 17th edition of the annual Kala Ghoda festival saw dozens of events, grand installations and diverse stalls, offering large…


Smart Cities, anyone?

What is the purpose behind creating Smart Cities? Who will decide the public agenda for these cities? Will every citizen…


Akele hain, tho kya gum hai?

What is loneliness? Is it a desired state of being? Many people confuse loneliness with solitude, says A. Radhakrishnan. Loneliness…


Partition, once again

India’s Partition may have happened almost 70 years ago, but it still looms large in our collective conscience. It also…

Great Indians

Manohar Aich

The original ‘Mr. Universe’ (1912–2016) Manohar Aich, the first Indian to have bagged the Mr. Universe title in independent India…


Building our human resource

India has a dismal education record, with one of the lowest education inequality indices. It’s time we addressed this more…

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