Can Trump triumph?

What does US President Donald Trump really mean by ‘America First’? Can he focus on the US in exclusion to…


The day the music died

With the shutting down of the iconic music store Rhythm House, South Mumbai has lost a glittering jewel of its…


Toxins on your shelf!

There are a plethora of cosmetic products available in the Indian market today. But do you know what they actually…


The Kala Ghoda razzmatazz

The 17th edition of the annual Kala Ghoda festival saw dozens of events, grand installations and diverse stalls, offering large…


Smart Cities, anyone?

What is the purpose behind creating Smart Cities? Who will decide the public agenda for these cities? Will every citizen…


All sound, but no sleep!

A person’s snoring often evokes laughter and is brushed aside as something one has to live with. A. Radhakrishnan tells…


Partition, once again

India’s Partition may have happened almost 70 years ago, but it still looms large in our collective conscience. It also…

Great Indians

Vice-Admiral S.B. Soman

An honourable and brave Admiral (1913-1995) Vice-Admiral S. B. Soman was born in Belgaum on 30 March 1913, and was…


Tracking the budget

A strict monitoring and tracking of budgets through the year is essential. Budgets shouldn’t just be highly-publicised annual events. Most…

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