And that’s how the cook crumbles…..


Why cook? The kitchen is a hot, cruel even dangerous place, why take a chance? Great food is a phone call away – who has the time, who has the energy, why cook??

Well, cooking is an art..No wait , it’s a science, taught in schools, colleges, culinary institutes .. Not really, it’s a necessity…It’s a life skill. Actually, it could be quite scary and daunting if this is what cooking means. But if you love food, love to eat, love to feed people, then there is no reason why you can’t or won’t cook.

After many burnt cookie batches, fallen cakes, mud pies which tasted as such, chicken tikkas which could do some serious damage if thrown at someone, gluey idlis, broken dosas and rice which was not meant to be sticky, I have finally found the balance between following the recipe to the T and innovating to suit our palates, budget and simply our bodies.

Mom’s recipes, great chefs’ dishes or deconstructed restaurant dishes – all changed to suit our hectic lifestyles and or availability of ingredients with not too much emphasis on weights and measures ( can never find my kitchen tools when I need them ), peppered with loads of suggestions and tips I have received over the years will hopefully help you impress or simply get through a tantrum free meal.. Hope it will be a rewarding experience for all of us.

Anuradha Rajan is a mother of two, with a passion for cooking and food presentation. In an earlier avatar she was a high school teacher of English and Environmental Science.