One With Nature


World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5.

When was the World Environment Day first celebrated?
The United Nations began celebrating this day in 1973 to commemorate the formation of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. The event is held every year in a different city with a different theme.

What is the purpose of the celebration?
The aim of celebrating this day is to create worldwide awareness of the environment and encourage governments to take action to protect the environment in their country. Governments, NGOs and the public participate in various programmes to make World Environment Day a success.

What are the main environmental issues the world is facing today?
Deforestation, pollution, global warming, climate change and wastage of food are some of the major environmental concerns.

What is the theme for 2017?
The theme for this year is ‘connecting people to Nature’.

Which country is hosting the main event?
The event is being hosted by Canada this year.

Has India ever hosted the event?
Yes, in 2011 in New Delhi. The theme for that year was ‘Forests – Nature At Your Service’.