Dilli Haat


‘HAAT’ usually means a weekly market place which is held in a village. Though named ‘Dilli Haat’, this market is neither temporary nor just an ordinary market place. Artisans and craftsmen from all over India are encouraged to demonstrate their skills and display their wares throughout the year at this open air complex spread over 6 acres of land. Situated at Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi, Dilli Haat has 62 stalls located in its complex. These stalls are allocated to a craftsman for 15 days after which a new seller occupies the stall. This not only allows a large number of rural artisans to display their wares, but also provides the Haat with a freshness that can’t be found in any mall.

Its architecture is such that it has the appearance of a village marketplace. Its walls are made in brickwork Jali (latticework) and the small kiosks are set on a platform similar to what is found in rural India. Some of the stalls even have thatched roofs. The courtyards between the shops are paved in stone and care has been taken to intersperse this with lots of flowers and shrubs to give it the feel of a true Haat.

One can shop for a variety of items — woollen, silk and handloom clothes and dress material, stone and ornamental carvings. Dilli Haat is also well known for the food stalls which serve food from every state. Be it momo from Assam, Kadi-Chawal from Rajasthan, Macchh Kalia and Misthi Doi from West Bengal, they can all be savoured here.