Dash of Umbrellas


Águeda, a municipality in Portugal, hosts the Ágitagueda Art Festival in the month of July every year. Open to all, the festival celebrates street art in all its forms be it music or art.

Public spaces in Águeda like walls and stairs come alive with the colours of street paintings. Street musicians and artists perform in the open through the day while rock bands and orchestras entertain at night.

At this time, Portugal faces summer. In 2011, a company devised a creative and economical solution for offering relief to the common man on the streets from the scorching sun. The star of this most striking art installation is the humble umbrella. Called the Umbrella Sky Project, it has hundreds of colourful umbrellas strung up over pedestrian streets with the help of rooftop cables. The rainbow-coloured floating canopy remains in place until September. It is so popular that it has become the top draw of the festival with tourists from all over the world visiting the city in summer.